Aw Yeah Atto!

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Atto is a collection of several basic UI components (i.e. widgets) that I've built for my own personal use, but figured I'd share in case anyone else wants a super light widget for something where the overhead of a full-blown library like Dojo, YUI, or jQuery UI is undesirable. They have zero external dependencies, work on all modern web browsers, and degrade gracefully on IE8 (IE6 and 7 are another matter, sadly, but I'm making the conscious decision not to support those at the moment).

(You could call this progressive enhancement or graceful degradation if you want, and I certainly strive for that. For my part, though, I call it "I don't want my site to be broken if I access it from work")

In spirit they're probably more similar to Wijmo than anything else, but my goal is to make them even smaller and more self-contained than those (awesome though they are). Mostly, though, I just wrote them because I like to tinker. ;)

They're built using as much HTML5 and CSS3 as I could cram in, and lean on CSS3 Transitions to do the heavy lifting of state transformations and animations. As such, the user experience in IE8 is pretty barebones compared to that of more modern browsers. Of course you can replicate these behaviors using jQuery or Mootools or Dojo.FX or (pick your favorite framework), but then they wouldn't be quite so ultralight anymore, so I'd rather not.

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